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Struggling as a Security Business Owner?

If you’re a security business owner struggling to do it all—marketing, sales, trips to your distributor, trips to Home Depot, complete installs, invoice customers, run service calls, pay taxes, run payroll, rinse and repeat—

And you’re stressed about paying the bills (robbing Peter to pay Paul)—

And you’re spending more time on ladders and in attics than with your family—

You’re not alone!

What you are doing is noble, but it is not easy.

What is Security Sales Consulting?

I’m Scott Zuniga, and I publish sales articles and sales tools at Security Sales Consulting to help my fellow 🔒 security business owners and sales executives survive, thrive, and struggle no more!

The strategies I write about are born from the blood, sweat, and tears I shed while building and selling my own security company.

With eighteen years in the electronic security industry, I’ve pounded the pavement, knocked on doors, and worked countless late nights trying to carve out my small part of the American dream.

I had many wins, and just as many losses. This publication is my honest report. My ideas might not work for everyone, but I hope they always inspire even better ones.

My main differentiating mantras?…

  1. I believe Security Integrators can transition to effective, future-ready (read: remote) selling techniques.

  2. I believe Security Integrators can reduce time and money spent on unpaid tasks like free site walks and free system designs by adopting a "no-work-before-pay" philosophy.

Curious? Intrigued? Skeptical? ✔️ Scratch your curiosity itch here:

Three posts to start with:

1. Security Integrators Don't Understand Video Analytics vs. Video AI

2. Why can't I say "No" to projects that aren't a good fit???

3. Why I Require a “Designated Decision Maker” for all Security Installs

Who am I?

My career achievements include:

  • 2X Founder and 5X sales leader, scaling security divisions from $0 to multi-million revenue streams.

  • Successfully exited my security integration venture, Big Star Security, LLC, with a sale in 2021.

  • 18-year portfolio in surveillance camera, access control, and alarm system sales and design, proudly collaborating with: Jones Lange Lasalle (JLL), DPR, Trammell Crow, Harvey Cleary, Turner Construction, Ferrovial, Endeavor, Aquila, Stream Realty, Kilroy Realty, Indeed, Icon, Canva, Flight Aware, KLDiscovery, Self, Inc, Affinipay, CS Disco, Fox Robotics, Everi Games, ONI Studios, Austin Energy, SouthWest Water Company, Healthcare Trust of America, Andala Health, Marbella Interests, and 8VC...and many more.

Also, I am an artist and I am increasingly interested in the role of art and the growing need for expressions of humanity in business. Find out what makes me human here:

Good luck, and I hope to hear from you,

Scott Z.

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Scott is a singer-songwriter, polyglot and entrepreneur. He draws from his diverse heritage and global life experiences in his songs, stories and articles. In 2024, he returns with new music recorded in the Basque Country, the land of his ancestors.